Better late than never!


We apologize for a huge gap between our blogs. I’m sure you can imagine reasons why. We wanted to write and share an update with our lives. Busy yes, but productive while investing into positive and eternal priorities.

Our church family is growing. As we grow, the demands, meetings and planning for sermons do take much time from us documenting our journey. We started with our team and two people. We have pressed in diligently over the course of a year and God is truly blessing those efforts. We now have about 75 people that do call The Austin Dig their home church. The past couple of months God has really done some special things. Our age range in church is from 2-75! Oh what a healthy sign. Kerry has exploded here in Austin with her baking and the word is out. She will be kicking off a women’s ministry this year. Please pray for favor over this area of our church.

In addition, our family is growing. We have transitioned from the comforts of Lakewood, CA and have settled ourselves in Austin all the while of building new relationships within the city. We are comforted in our place and the spot in our lives God has called us to. The Melendez boys are maturing and understanding the roles and duty of a leader. God is truly speaking to their hearts. Recently, I (Rob) was called to someone’s house for ministry purposes. I stayed about an hour or so. Two weeks later J.J. (Robby) woke up and ran to Kerry about a dream he had. He explained it in great detail and the people that were involved. I was one of them. God gave him a dream and used my son to communicate something to me about the house I visited weeks before. He was SPOT ON! This dream confirmed something that I had been trying to figure out for sometime.

God will use our kids to illuminate His word in our lives. Perhaps to keep us from a potential harm, hazard or injustice. We gotta listen, actively. Of course, family time and hours spent on focusing on OUR family unit are the utmost concern. It is our first and foremost priority and ministry. We have had a blast exploring our new home city, finding great eateries and creating a string of deep memories. Ultimately, allowing our lives to sing a song of thanksgiving to God. We are enjoying our lives.

Our church website under the “What’s Up” header now has a blogs section. My I.T. guys have set us up. The pastors will be periodically posting blogs, so check it out ( If you want to follow our story as a church, you can keep up on Facebook as well. Like us and be a friend. If y’all have twitter, hit me up. @RMelendezJr.

We are expecting a huge year in 2014. Stay connected and keep us in prayer.

Please tell us how we can be praying for you and your family…

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indian cupcakes

Things are happening. Kerry is pursuing something that has been on her heart for years. God really opened an amazing door for her food. It cannot stay on the shelves. I say she is creating addicts for her baked goods in those that are buying her product. She already has repeat customers coming into the cafe just to buy her food. She has orders lined up and the website hasn’t yet gone live. The site should be up by next week. Stay tuned. Any orders can and will be shipped anywhere in the country. 

On the flip side, I have been invited to India to share the gospel and impact this nation for Jesus. I have been in contact with a pastor over there and will continue to establish the relationship as we near the time to depart. This invite that I travel to India confirmed a dream I had about two years ago. I was in a plane flying on a jumbo jet and looked over and a friend of mine from High School was in the other aisle. He was born and raised in India. I woke up from the dream and recorded it in my journal. I didn’t know what it meant then, but God has now revealed what he was showing me then.

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It all started with a vision, passion and a purchase of a mixer. As most of us know, Kerry is a genius with cooking and baking. Yea-I am biased. So what. Lol. Anyhow, God opened an amazing door for her. A cafe in very famous neighborhood in Austin has asked Kerry to stock their pastry section with all of Kerry’s product. The neighborhood is called SoCo (South Congress). Kerry supplied the cafe with her first drop off yesterday. It sold out and her baking is flying off the shelves in just three hours. Kerry has been introduced to the employees as the baking partner of this cafe. Kerry has five employees under her that will produce her baked goods. They are at her disposal. The pre-orders are flying in in just two days. 

Kerry will have a website that should go live here in about two weeks. Kerry is the new pastry chef in the heart of downtown Austin. No, she will not be working in the cafe but mass producing her secret recipes from home and the commercial kitchen that has been handed to her.

God is up to something very cool!!!

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He did it

Robert decided to take the leap into the Twitter world. You can follow him @RMelendezJr

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The Austin Dig Church has released its official website.

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Free Giveaway

The Austin Dig Church is giving away a free $50.00 Target gift card. Check out the Facebook page for entry rules. Pass this along to family and friends. 

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for me?




When we look at the Christmas story and the events that surrounded the coming and birth of Jesus, you will find much activity. Up to this point, for years prior there was a spiritual drought so to speak. They approximate it around 400 yrs or so. But let’s look at the events that happened….

The lives that surrounded the Christmas story were Zechariah, his wife Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph. Oh yea-the wise men too. When you read it, you see angelic visitation, supernatural activity, words from the throne of God, promises to treasure in your heart, and a man goin mute! What’s the point? The point is this-the New Testament was being established of things that were coming into the world through Jesus. Salvation. If Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, please be advised that the same supernatural power and activity that surrounded the birth of Christ is readily available to you today!

The wise men brought their gifts. You have been gifted with skills, talents and ability that God has placed in you. Bring those to Him and hand it over. Watch what He will do with them. He knows best. I firmly believe that we can only reach our full potential through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate gift and nothing is impossible with God.

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